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User Agreement

By using this site, you are in agreement with our Usage Terms and Conditions as follows:

You are a user of if you are a visitor, viewer, site interactor, member, subscriber or any entity that gains access to or gains information from this site through any direct access, indirect access, third-party or outside source.

Neighbor Nation LLC is not liable for any misinformation or misinterpretation of information by its users.  Neighbor Nation LLC is not liable for any unsafe or unsatisfactory information found on its site.

Any posts, profile content, shared content or other information found on this site is not to replace any professional or medical advice you have from your doctor, veterinarian or other medical or trained professional.

You acknowledge that you are responsible for researching and verifying if any information found on this site is appropriate for you to use and/or share.

Any information provided, posted, uploaded or shared on will need to adhere to the theme of the site.  No illegal, elicit, or inappropriate information is allowed.  

We do not condone or promote unsafe, unhealthy or inappropriate information.  Users are subject to be blocked and/or removed for not complying with Neighbor Nation's user agreements.


Illegal activity or abuse of animals will be taken seriously, investigated and if verified and appropriate users will be reported and removed from

We work hard to provide a great user experience.  

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