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Code of Conduct

  • Neighbor Nation LLC reserves the right to determine if any information is inappropriate, unsafe, or does not adhere to the theme of our site.
  • Theme:  We are a community of neighbors helping neighbors.  We are farmers, ranchers, homemakers, homesteaders, skilled handcrafters, hobbyists, and small home-based businesses.  We are here to provide fresh goods and friendly services from our home directly to our community.
  • Not Allowed: Financial Services and Real Estate Services cannot be advertised with Neighbor Nation LLC
  • Warnings, Blockings & Removal: 
  1. Illegal activities that break local, state or national laws are not allowed and will be reported, blocked and/or removed. 
  2. Confirmed reports of abuse and/or neglect of animals will result in removal and when appropriate, referred to local or state animal rights institutions.  
  3. Sexual Content of any kind is not allowed.  This is not a dating site!  In all posts, people will be dressed appropriately and not behave sexually.  
  4. Sexual content does NOT include offered stud services or insemination services for farm animals.  These are allowed.
More conduct rules will be added as needed so check back often to review the updates.
Last Updated 6-28-2023.
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